Tax Amount Reporting Services

Ensures accurate and timely reporting of property tax information for escrowed loans by providing tracking and reporting of tax bill requests and payment dates, and securing formatting requirements for more than 22,000 taxing jurisdictions.


Tax Payment Status (Delinquency) Services

Monitors the payment status of loans on which the borrower is responsible for paying taxes directly to the taxing jurisdiction. Through our automated interfaces with tax collectors and an extensive field network, we can promptly notify you of delinquent taxes, provide updated information when required and pay delinquent taxes on your behalf and according to your guidelines. Our services can also assist with regulatory and investor reporting requirements. In addition, we offer extensive reports, including risk severity reports, to track items eligible for tax sale.


Redemption Reporting

Assists in determining the status of real estate tax payments on properties as well as the payment information required to resolve a delinquency and/or tax sale.